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How does it work? Rent in 4 simple steps.

Step1_small List anything, choosing your price, it's availability and a deposit if you like
Also get notified when a neighbour is looking for something near you
Step2_small Get notified when someone wants to borrow from you
You confirm it's availability, and details are exchanged with the Mender
Step3_small Arrange pick-up/drop off times and exchange your item
Step4_small Leave feedback for the Mender, & receive your fee
Enjoy the buzz from helping out a neighbour, and reducing consumption!

Renting your items to help out your neighbours is a great way to unlock some cash, and meet new people - it's easy and safe with LenditMendit.

"Lending out my ladder that I hardly use anyway has given me some extra holiday money! And I met the family three doors down that I never knew before!"

Find out more here

Need something? Rent locally, save money, & help the environment.

Renting items from your neighbours, for just when you need them can help you save money and reduces consumption and waste - which is good for the planet!

"Thanks to Steve I was able to borrow a tent for a wedding. I didn't want to buy one, as I was unlikely to ever go camping again!"
Search for what you need, when you need it
Choose from what is listed in your area, or request something specific from Lenders nearby
Choose your dates & reserve the item
Pay securely online to confirm your rental, then details are exchanged with your Lender
Get in touch to arrange pick-up/drop-off
Pick up or accept your item
Return the item, & leave feedback
Job well done!? Leave feedback for the item you borrowed, and your Lender